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July 15, 2022

Helpful Tips in Layering your Necklaces

Did you ever open your jewelry box and couldn’t decide which necklace to wear? Well now you don’t have to choose just one. Stacking or layering necklaces is the latest trend in jewelry. You can layer and wear several necklaces at a time.

However, there’s a lot to keep in mind when layering. The necklace combination should look harmonious and sophisticated, not messy and overloaded. All you need is creativity and a little help in choosing the right chains and jewelry combinations to create your own unique look.

And if you get stuck, you know you can always count on us to help out!

How to Create a Statement that Lets Your Personality Shine Through

Here’s a few tips to help inspire you to tell your story:

  • Three is a good number to start with. Most Fashionistas will tell you no more than five pendants.
  • oCombine several short necklaces or pair with one or two long ones. Make sure each necklace style is distinct and that the pieces are different sizes.
  • Layer with different symbols, colors, and textures — mixing and matching different visual lengths. Add gemstones for a flash of color or a bold pendant to define the look.
  • Be sure to create some spacing between the necklaces. This will give you a balanced look, highlighting each individual piece and avoiding tangling up your necklaces.
  • Add 2 similar sized pendants alongside each other for a vintage look.
  • Mix delicate and chunky pieces. Use different chain weights.
  • Make a unique statement by personalizing your stack with your initials, horoscope/lunar, sentimental charms or other pieces that tell your story.

While layering may take a lot of trial and error, experiment and have fun with it until you find your perfect look. We hope these tips help.

Now put it all together … show your own style and have fun!

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A few more ideas: