April 30, 2024

The Art of Layering Necklaces

Make a statement, tell a story, and express your individual style with layered necklaces. Whether you want a casual everyday look or something more elegant, here are some tips to achieve your look.


Pick a Theme or Statement Necklace

To begin layering, start with one necklace that will be the centerpiece of your stack. A complex chain, a pendant, or even a timeless diamond solitaire necklace can be the perfect centerpiece to build your neck stack around. Take care when layering as some chain types and styles are more fragile than others and may not lend as well to stacking as others. Pieces such as herringbone chains or pearl necklaces should be layered with lighter chains to prevent damage.


Fill up the Space

Next, choose necklaces of varying lengths that will complement or even contrast your main centerpiece necklace to create depth and visual interest.

Begin with one necklace, for instance, a choker, that hits above the clavicle, followed by a mid-length pendant that is between the clavicle and the cleavage, and then add a longer chain. It is important to remember that your outfit’s neckline will determine your necklace layering style.



Textures and Styles

paperclip chain

Varying necklace textures by mixing daintier necklaces with thicker gold chains is one of the best ways to create visual variety in your neck stack. Mixing chain types in your layered necklaces isn’t just smart style-wise, it also helps reduce tangling. Create a stylistic conversation between your pieces, with a timeless gold chain bringing a classic look and a pendant necklace, adding a contemporary touch.

To create a multi-textured look, try wearing a smooth silver chain with a diamond or layering a choker with a longer gemstone necklace. Using different shapes with one being a pendant or bar which creates a different shape to the chain when it hangs on the neck. Also, don’t be afraid to mix different metals and styles.



cz pendant

Don’t shy away from pairing bulky necklaces from dainty chains.  The goal is to have a balanced look. Try different necklaces to see what resonates with you. Use the adjustable chain options on your necklace to hit the right length — the three closure circles at the back. If you need one, let us know. Having that flexibility will help reach the best length combination for you.


Consider Color and Gemstones

Another way to add more pizzazz to your outfit is to wear a statement necklace that features a pop of color or texture. This can be done with pendant necklaces, gemstones, precious stones and other shapes and materials. Pick one statement piece and pair it with more subdued styles. 





layered pearls

Pearls are the ultimate symbol of timeless elegance. Layer necklaces with modern pearl jewelry for a more chic and trendy look.  For a more classy, elegant look, layer a dainty necklace or choker with a strand of pearls.


Diamond Jewelry

diamond jewelry layered

When it comes to layering diamond jewelry, let each piece express your individuality. From a delicate choker to a long pendant chain, your neckline is a spotlight for your diamonds.


Popular Necklace Types

Below are some popular necklaces to work with:

  • Paperclip: This trendy style serves as a subtle accent or a great foundational necklace.
  • Chokers: Choker necklaces sit snugly around your neck and are easy to pair with other necklaces. They come in a variety of chain types and even fabrics.
  • Bar: True to its name, a bar necklace is an understated accent piece that features either a horizontal or vertical bar.
  • Name & Initial: For a fun, personalized touch, try a necklace that features your initial, name or even birthstone.
  • Festoon: This necklace type has a built-in layered effect to it. Consider pairing it with one shorter chain necklace if it needs a little extra.

Figuring out how to layer necklaces is really about determining what you like and what works with your wardrobe. Remember, style is personal, so always default to what's speaking to your fashion sense and have fun with it!


Prevent Tangles with a Necklace Separator

Necklace separators are good to consider if you plan to wear multiple chains at once. This small, handy tool features two separate pieces that connect to each other. One side has rings that you can attach your necklaces to, and the other features a clasp that attaches to the opposite end of your necklace. Necklace separators allow you to wear multiple necklaces at once without dealing with frustrating tangles and knots.


Keep it Simple

While layering can be fun, it's important not to overdo it. Too many layers can look cluttered and overwhelming. Don’t use more than 3-4 necklaces. Be sure that the necklaces you choose complement each other rather than competing for attention. The important thing to remember is deciding what you like and what works with your personal style and wardrobe.


We’re Here to Assist You

We have a wide variety of stackable necklaces. Our jewelry specialists are here to help you put together the right stack for your own style! We can help you choose the perfect pieces for everyday wear or for a special occasion.  Stop by our showroom or book a virtual or in personal appointment. We look forward to seeing you!