July 15, 2022

Treat Your Jewelry to a Spa Day

Refresh, Repair, and Renew your Jewelry

We all deserve a spa day once in awhile to refresh our bodies and our souls — and so does your jewelry!

We strongly recommend your jewelry be inspected and cleaned every six months, especially the jewelry you wear the most —  engagement and wedding bands, diamond earrings, a favorite pendant or bracelet. By doing this, you will extend the lifetime and value of your jewelry and ensure your stones are secure to prevent loss.

Your Jewelry’s Spa Day

Our first step is to refresh and renew your jewelry with a complimentary professional cleaning. We use a heated ultra-sonic machine and a powerful steam cleaner to remove any excess dirt and residue. While we may not have lavish mini terry robes for your jewelry, we will dry your jewelry after it is cleaned with a soft towel until it sparkles.

Inspecting your Jewelry

After your jewelry is cleaned, our professionally trained staff will inspect your jewelry.  We will check for loose or missing stones, damaged prongs, weakened clasps and any other issues that could compromise your jewelry. We will even make sure your earring backs are tight.

And we’ll even do this while you wait!

While your jewelry is enjoying it’s spa day, you can indulge in a little “me time” too and enjoy a cup of coffee or bottled water while browsing our stunning collections. If you see something that you love, but choose to purchase at a later date — or have someone else purchase it for you as a gift — we can help you create a wish list. And, don’t forget to ask us about our special financing.

Want to go deeper?

Talk to us about the 6 R’s: repairing, replacing, remounting, refurbishing, resizing, resetting

We specialize in all types of jewelry repairs and restoration. We have the capability, the tools and the resources necessary to successfully repair your jewelry. Our full-time gemologist, Victoria King, operates a full service gem laboratory in our store and is available to help you replace or add stones.

Is your gold dull?

For a very affordable fee, we will professionally polish and restore the finish of your jewelry to “like new” condition. In most cases, this service will take less than a week. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your jewelry will look. The reaction from many of our customers is:  “I don’t think it looked this good when I got it!”

Full Transparency

Should your jewelry need additional work, we will let you know prior to completion what needs to be done and what we estimate the cost to be.

Put the Sparkle Back in your Jewelry for the Holidays and other Special Occasions

You don’t want to wear lifeless and dull jewelry when you’re dressed to the nines for that special occasion or holiday. These are perfect times to rejuvenate and put the sparkle back in your jewelry. So take advantage of our complimentary cleaning and inspection and make your jewelry sparkle just like you!

At King Jewelers, we don’t just “work” on your jewelry. We pamper it. .. and we’ll personally manage every step of the process.

Please stop by anytime to receive a complimentary cleaning and inspection.  No appointment is necessary.