Two friends bring local history and romance together to create a work of art you can wear.

Valerie King, Owner, King Jewelers

Peggy Bruno, Artist

Valerie King a lifelong resident of Scituate, and owner of King Jewelers in Cohasset, with the help of high school friend and local artist, Peggy Bruno, had an idea to create a piece of local history that you can wear. They asked national jewelry designer, Evocateur, of Norwalk, Connecticut to produce a handmade cuff bracelet showcasing Minots Light. Not familiar with this famous lighthouse, Evocateur wanted to learn more.

The Minots Light stands alone in the open sea more than a mile off shore at the southern entrance to Boston Harbor. Surrounded by treacherous rocks and ledges, it has been the scene of heart rendering disasters. Originally built in 1850, the iron pile construction could not withstand the sea’s fury and collapsed in a storm in 1851, sweeping two crew members to their deaths. It was rebuilt in 1860 and has since withstood countless harsh storms. Automated in 1947, it stands today as an inspiration to generations of lovers of the sea, flashing the romantic pattern “1-4-3” the eternal signal, “I Love You.”

After hearing the story, Evocateur was excited to produce the cuff bracelet. The story of the Minots Light aligned perfectly with the theme of their cuff bracelets — to evoke memories and stories from the past with a love of the romantic, nautical and historical.

Drawing inspiration from the story of Minots Light, Peggy began creating the artwork — right down to the beacon flashing in a 1-4-3 cycle.

The team at Evocateur quickly put the artwork into production and created 2 stunning pieces — one in gold leaf and another in silver leaf.

Plans are currently in discussion to create the next piece of wearable local history.

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