Permanent Forever Bracelets - FAQs

Permanent forever braceletsWhat is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is simply a clasp-less, 14k solid gold or sterling silver bracelet which is welded together onto your wrist by a specially trained King Jewelers Associate. The bracelet is custom-sized to fit your wrist perfectly.

What is the Process?

At your appointment, you select your chain. We will then size your chain to our suggested fit, apply a temporary clasp for you to test out the sizing, and adjust it until you feel comfortable. Then it’s sparkle time! We weld the chain together. All you will see is a little spark, and you will feel a puff of warm air on your skin. We do offer safety glasses and a leather patch to put under the chain if you prefer. 

Does it Hurt?

Not at all!

What If I Change My Mind After It’s Welded?

Once the chain is cut, there are no refunds. All sales are final. We will always ensure you approve the bracelet before any work is done.

What If I Need To Take My Permanent Bracelet Off?

At your appointment, we will show you where the weld or jump ring is. That way, if you ever need to remove it, you know exactly where to cut with scissors or wire cutters. If you cut it at the small ring that connects the two ends of the chain together, it may be possible to re-weld the bracelet back on at a later date. Unfortunately, if the chain is cut not at the jump ring or where it was welded, it will not be salvageable.

How Long Will it Last?

Weeks, months, years. This is dependent solely on the type of chain, your lifestyle, job and other external factors. If your permanent forever bracelet breaks or stretches, we will do our best to repair it for a small fee.

What If My Jewelry Breaks?

If the point of welding breaks within the first two weeks, we will re-weld at no charge. If your bracelet comes off due to a lack of care, getting it caught or snagged on something, or it is not in its original state (stretched out, breaks in the chain, etc.), a new chain will need to be purchased.

Will My Permanent Forever Jewelry Go Off in a Metal Detector?

No. Metal detectors don’t pick up on jewelry metals anymore! Permanent jewelry is TSA approved


After Care & Maintenance

Clean your Permanent Forever Jewelry with warm water and mild soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Jewelry polishing cloths are great for both gold and silver and will help maintain their shine. Harsh chemicals, like chlorine, can damage the bracelet. Always remember to rinse your pieces in the shower after a dip in the pool or hot tub. Extreme over exposure to chlorine can be damaging to precious metals and lead to microscopic holes in solid gold.

Permanent Forever Jewelry Warranty

  • There is a 48-hour guarantee for the welding.  If your Permanent Forever Jewelry breaks at the welded spot, then we will re-welder at no charge.  If it breaks at any other spot, it will require an assessment for repair for which there will be a fee.

  • Once you confirm the sizing is correct, and we cut the chain, it is final sale.

  • In the case of a medical emergency (for MRIs/X-Rays), we will remove and re-weld your permanent jewelry complimentary for the first time.

  • King Jewelers, Inc. is not liable if you lose your chain.

  • If needed, Permanent Forever Jewelry can be removed by simply using scissors or wire cutters (Please cut at the welded spot or jump ring.)

  • We will not use any other chain, but the ones available for purchase at King Jewelers.

  • Anyone under the age of 16 will be required to have a parent or guardian present.