Intuition Meditation Ring

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Sterling silver Intuition Meditation Ring with a beautiful intricate oval spinning channel set band with semi-precious amethyst stones. Stack them any way you like, these versatile fun Meditation Rings can be worn in many different ways! Size 8

Meaning: You have a deep emotional connection with yourself and others and see things from many different perspectives. By being highly intuitive and intelligent, you strongly touch those around you with your understanding and empathetic character. You feel things on a deeper level than most.

Purple Amethyst Benefits: Amethyst can bring courage, strength and peace to the wearer. It also helps promote healing as it is a soothing stone with peaceful properties. Amethyst is a great stone for anyone suffering from anxiety, mood disorders and addictions. Purple Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra.

Product Details:
Materials: .925 Sterling Silver
Stones: Semi-Precious Amethyst Gemstones
Ring Width: 4 mm
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