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July 15, 2022

Tips When Resetting Your Diamond

Resetting your Diamond

Have you been gifted a piece of jewelry that’s just not your style? Do you own a family heirloom (grandma’s old engagement ring) that’s a little too vintage for your liking? Or maybe simply resetting your diamond will give it a little more flair.

A diamond is forever but . . .

A diamond may be forever, but diamond ring settings can go out of style. If worn regularly, a center diamond will likely show signs of age, damage, and general wear and tear. Maybe it’s time to replace it … or maybe you would rather reset it since you are sentimental about your original diamond.

Here’s a few tips to consider if you are thinking about resetting your diamond:

Add a halo to make it appear bigger

No need to buy a larger stone if your solitaire diamond begins to look a tad minuscule to you. Why not opt for a custom resetting? A halo is a great way to make your diamond look larger by adding smaller stones around the center diamond. This process results in what jewelers call “booster rings”. Depending on the size of the halo diamonds, a booster ring can make a center diamond look up to 3 mm bigger!

Protect it with a bezel setting

If you use your hands a lot at work and your center diamond has a tall setting, consider protecting it with a bezel setting. A bezel encases the center diamond with the same precious metal as its band so it guards the stone against nicks and prevents it from getting caught on things. A smooth bezel setting can also add size to your center diamond while creating a sleek, contemporary look.

Add more color

Colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphImage result for vera wang blue sapphire ringires, garnets, and emeralds can give your center diamond a fresh new appeal.

You can add sentimentality to your ring by resetting it with your anniversary or Image result for diamond ring with rubies on the sidebirth stone. Try a three-stone setting with your original diamond as the focal point, flanked by two colored stones. Or, you can go for a colorful halo with smaller colored gemstones forming the ring.

Choose a strong prong

Perhaps the most practical resetting tip for your center diamond is to change its prongs to something more durable. Over time, the original prongs of your ring may have become loose. This would be a great way to strengthen their hold on your diamond. If your diamond has become slightly damaged and it shows in its current setting, choose prongs or claws which can help camouflage the flaws while protecting it from future wear and tear.

Be Creative

Get your creative juices flowing and become a jewelry designer for the day. If your old engagement ring was set in white gold and it’s not your metal of choice anymore, why not reset the diamond in bright yellow gold or trendy rose gold. Your diamond may just shine a little more when it is reset in a different shade.

Whatever you decide, we can help and offer suggestions to help you make the right decision to reset your diamond. Give us a call (781-383-1755) or email us today to set up an appointment.